The War on Fluff

Don't dance around your point. If you can say it without it, then cut it out!

What is Fluff?

When writing assignments, students often include a lot of unnecessary information or words that "fluffs" their paper. This not only takes up space that could be used for expanding on your point but also takes away from your paper because you are no longer being concise!

Friendly Reminder

Being concise in your writing is one of the things we look for when marking!

Don't forget assignments often have word or page limits! Writing concisely will allow you to include everything you want and stay within the limit!

Tips for cutting fluff

  1. Combine sentences where you can!

  2. Take out any unnecessary words (e.g. the, that, just, really). The Find/Replace commands in Word are really helpful for this!

  3. Read your paper over carefully. Is there a sentence or part of a sentence that you could take out and it would have no effect on what you are trying to express?

  4. Get rid of the wordy expressions—just get to the point.

  5. Remove any meaningless generalities.